It’s A Small World After All

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So, there you are… a Dutch simpleton at Rennsport Reneunion V.
Then, for the first time in real life, you spot a logo you designed a couple of years ago for Las Vegas based Premier Sportscar Service.


Premier was running the White Lightning Racing 2004 LeMans class winning GT3 RSR, driven -then and now- by Jörg Bergmeister.
(the owner of Premier was crew chief for White Lighting back then, hence the lightning bolt in the P1 logo)


Call me silly, but it got me a little stoked…

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Rennsport Reunion V felt like a big surreal blur.
And consider this was even before we started doing shots in the hotel parkinglot…
Hope the rest of my pics are better, or I’ll have to do it all over again.
Jetlag is almost over, so we’ll know soon enough.

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The Last Gentleman Racer

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Visited the Louwman automotive museum with a friend yesterday.


Crazy collection!

Tons of really rare machines and very slick decorations.


They’ve got everything pretty much covered, from steam-driven cars up to Bugattis, CanAm and LeMans racers, Steve McQueen’s dune buggy and Arie Luyendijk’s winning Indy 500 car.


Did I mention it’s an insanely huge collection?


Anyway, here’s a shot of one of the few Porsches in their collection: Carel Godin de Beaufort’s 718/2.
In Dutch orange ofcourse…

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That’d be me…
A friggin’ hack…


I just managed to delete the most intresting part of this website: the comments…
ALL of them…


Fuck me!


Gonna try to fix it
Comments are disapbled ’till I figure this mess out
But it might very well be my last attempt with this blog-system
Very tempted to change to WordPress right now…


Fingers x-ed
Don’t hold your breath…

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