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D@mn! 10 months between posts. Did you miss me?


Been keeping a low profile on the “Porsche-scene” on purpose.
Way too much hyped BS going on to my liking.


Found another way to stay busy though…
Here’s some of what I’ve been up to the last couple of months.


It’s a lengthy post to make up for my absence.
And yes, it does have some Porsche content.





Custom designed/painted skateboard deck for Bob @ WerkCrew. Started from a blank “popsicle” deck.



The tricycle is a reference to one of Bob’s favorite photographers. The #drivehatefully sprung from his evil mind. I just incorporated it into the design.



Vinyl cut stencils…


Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

Deck upon arrival in Tiltonia (photo by Bob Tilton)


Next up…

Wicked Sixes, the mad engine-scientist from Hamburg, also known as Herr Doctor Von Krankenstein.


The design is based on / inspired by an old Santa Cruz “Clause Grabke” deck from the eighties, which featured an exploding clock (go ahead, google it).

I used the same font and also incorporated the little skater (with some very minor changes, like the Vans shoes) from the original.
Next I designed the exploding aircooled engine to go with it and topped it off with some bad-ass eighties colors.
I shaped the deck to my own (more oldschool) design from an uncut blank.








Look at those pretty stained layers. Kept the sides and top blank with just a coat of clear.



The graphic in b/w. I tried to get as many realistic engine-parts in there as reasonably possible.



Vinyl cut stencil. Did this one with a different approach than the WerkCrew deck. The first color to go on was black.
Then the stencil was applied, followed by more layers of paint and masking-vinyl. That saved me from a lot of registration headaches, specially with so much small details going on.



First stencil layer applied.







Some detail shots. The cigarette is just for size reference. Don’t smoke, it’s bad for ya!


And then the proverbial last, but not least…

A deck I made for Tom from Onassis Porsches.


The design is from french artist Antoine Gaslais, who screenprinted posters for Tom’s July event.
Again, started from a blank popsicle deck.
The top was left blank, so everyone attending the event could sign it.
A second deck (with a black top) was made for Antoine.









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  • by Stijn

    Glad to see you’re back!
    Lovely work! Would love to see some after pictures as well, with a lovely ‘patina’ added…

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