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2016 Jan 11    /   Ramblings



Thom announced his Onassis 917-style shifter for the newer watercooled cars a while ago.

I was reading the specs from his post out loud and my wife happend to hear.
But like most women, she too suffers from selective hearing.


Maximus Black…

Long black shaft…

Big knob…


Tall version for longer strokes


So she made me order one right away.

Boy, was she disappointed when it arrived.




Ok. Yeah, I know, stupid, sexist, juvenile, grow up, get a life… what ever…


When Thom announced this shifter a couple of months ago, I pre-ordered one right away.


I was supposed to go pick it up at his place in Germany, as it would be a good excuse to see what he’s been up to, hang out and shoot some shit.

But somehow we couldn’t sync our calendars. When he had time, I didn’t and vice versa.

We tried a couple of times and then I forgot about the whole thing and so did he.


Until about a week ago:
Dude, can you please send me your shipping address again…


So the shifter arrived last friday.


The part itself is beautifully made, but Thom also pays attention to the packaging.
Cool oldschool tan envelope with stamped logos, closed with a split-pin.

Bunch of different stickers included as well as a hand written note:



Happy new year and thx for your support of the #onassis brand!

Finally your Maximus Black fucker.

I’ll message you instructions by mail.

Talk soon,



Tools and hardware were also included.

Installation was a breeze, literally a 5 minute job.


Thom got me a smoking deal in return for some cool pics of the shifter.
So I hope he likes them, ’cause disappointing my wife was bad enuf already…


You can check out Thom’s website: Onassis Porsches Agency


The shifter is also available as a shorter, less intimidating version and comes either black or clear anodized.


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