Worst Summer Ever

2015 Nov 25    /   Ramblings   /   2 Comments





Went over to my friend’s shop last saturday.

Hadn’t been there for way too long and there was a meeting too, so I better show my ugly face.


Drove up there with the top down.

But it was so damn cold, I had to wear a jacket and turn up the heater.


Just as I arrived, it started raining and it all went down hill from there on…
On the way home I even ended up driving through a hail storm.

Wipers in overdrive, but they just couldn’t keep up.


Don’t know what happened, but this weather totally sucks!


Definitely the worst summer ever…

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  • by John Rice

    Bob! REAL Speedster guys left the top down and drove a little faster [That was because they leaked so bad it felt drier just leaving the top down when it stormed. It also felt so crazy that it was great fun. Ask me how I know. :-> ]

  • by Jeroen This is post author

    Agreed, but then ask me how I know the electronics (in a modern car) don’t respond well to water.
    As in, it will fry, incapacitating the car and trying to set it on fire…

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