Manual Labour

2015 Apr 06    /   Work   /   1 Comment

There’s a lot more manual labour involved in making die-cut decals than most believe or understand.

No, the computer doesn’t do ALL the work.
And no, the decals don’t roll ready-for-use out of the plotter.



The plotter makes all the precision cuts, but the unwanted material has to be “weeded” by hand, untill only the final decal remains.
Decals with small details (like these for the Targa Passaggio) can be tedious.


This short video that gives you an idea of the process.
I sped it up quite a bit, or it would be as exciting as watching paint dry.
(one decal takes about 3 to 4 minutes to weed)


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  • by Sigrid

    Nice job. Maybe everybody now appriciates your work even more.

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