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Zoey’s early 15th birthday present from her GRANDdad: Porsche Young Driver Experience She got to drive the track at Zandvoort   Zoey driving…   GRANDdad and GRANDdaughter heading out for a couple more laps   GRANDdaughter and GRANDdad… GRANDsmiles …spread it like a disease  

Welcome Back!

  Good to see two old friends back in the Porsche game after (at least) 10 years!   We enjoyed many many events with Isidor and Peyronne in the late 90-ies and early 2000’s. Lots of good memories.   Now lets see if we can get Isidor’s interest in photography back as well… …spread it [Continue]

Gone but not Forgotten

  Always a special moment during Tour de Lux… Marcel passes the much coveted Hans Kieviet Memorial Trophy on to Johan.     To Hans… Cheers! …spread it like a disease  


  Anniversary time: Fifth annual Tour De Lux! Think it was the most curvacious one so far.         The little Boxster got one heck of a work out, but she took it like nothing else and then begged for some more… She may look a bit cookie with the swapped front/rear wheels, [Continue]

Sprechen Sie…

  Always good to hang out with the guys from CarGraphic. My German is seriously rusted though, so that makes for funny conversations.   And their parts are slick. They build some of the nicest exhaust systems on the market, both in sound and quality. Screams stereotype German “Gründlichkeit”. Like seriously OCD. …spread it like [Continue]

Another Best Weekend

Great weekend in Best at the PUUR Porsche Magazine Treffen Scene Live, or what ever the heck it’s called these days.   Lot of fun helping Johan setting up his booth, hanging out, and just talking shit. Saw a lot of familiar faces, which meant talking even more shit. Also got to drive the grey [Continue]

Vitamin P

  Get your regular dose of fruits & veggies. Orange and eggplant… …spread it like a disease  

Zombie Apocalypse

        Everything was just fine and dandy. You could smell the roses. Until Mad Max showed up in his Zombie Apocalyse machine, making god awefull noises and ruining the party.   To make matters even worse, Herr Doktor Von Krankenstein immediately started demanding lawyers, money and guns.   Fear and loathing in [Continue]


  That’s Dutch for “thanks” A lot!   [edit] more pics on the Onassis website [/edit] …spread it like a disease