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Got Wood 2

D@mn! 10 months between posts. Did you miss me?   Been keeping a low profile on the “Porsche-scene” on purpose. Way too much hyped BS going on to my liking.   Found another way to stay busy though… Here’s some of what I’ve been up to the last couple of months.   It’s a lengthy [Continue]

Got Wood?

  Thom announced his Onassis 917-style shifter for the newer watercooled cars a while ago. I was reading the specs from his post out loud and my wife happend to hear. But like most women, she too suffers from selective hearing.   Maximus Black… Long black shaft… Big knob… Wood… Tall version for longer strokes… [Continue]

Worst Summer Ever

    Went over to my friend’s shop last saturday. Hadn’t been there for way too long and there was a meeting too, so I better show my ugly face.   Drove up there with the top down. But it was so damn cold, I had to wear a jacket and turn up the heater. [Continue]


  It’s been over a month already… Feels a lot longer though. Still can’t wrap my head around it completely.   …spread it like a disease  


  Everybody is a critic these days. Like my neighbour’s dog. He claimed this picture was out of focus… …spread it like a disease  

How Long? Not Long…

  Did I tell you about the time I snuck into the pitlane without a pass?   Well, it was just LONG enough before I got kicked out again… …spread it like a disease  


  “…want a flag?”   I swear, if I had to do her job, I’d be escorted off the premises within minutes. In handcuffs. Kicking and screaming. And there’d be people walking around with these stoopid flags sticking out of every imaginable orifice…   She instead, kept smiling the cutest smile for the entire three [Continue]